Technical sessions and workshops

Our main activity is the sponsoring of sessions and workshops at IEEE ComSoc conferences (specifically ICC and GLOBECOM). In particular, we are involved in three symposia within ICC/GLOBECOM: Symposium on Communications Software, Services and Multimedia Applications; Symposium on Next Generation Networks; and Communications QoS, Reliability and Modelling Symposium.

In the past we have organized technical sessions and workshops on topics that span:

  • Distributed Software System Challenges
    Discussing experiences with distributed software tecnology (e.g.,NFV, SDN, Cloudification, Big Data, …) and agent software technology.
  • Internal Software for Communications Systems
    e.g., Database Management, Process Management, Operating Systems, Performance, Reliability, Multiprocessing, Communications Management
    Communications Systems Networking Software
    e.g., Customer Premises Equipment Interfaces, Exchange Carrier Interfaces, Signaling, Administrative Interfaces
  • Operations Support Systems, Gateways, Protocols, Open System Interface Applications
    Communication Software Applications
    e.g., Switching, Transmission, Subscriber, Operations Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, System Architecture
  • Communications Software Engineering
    e.g. Project Management, Development Methodologies, Software Metrics, Software Quality, Software Testing and Evaluation, Languages, Software Prototyping, Software Maintenance, Structured Specification and Design, Defect Measurement and Assessment


We have coordinated technical papers in the Transmission of Communications magazine, provided key contributions on software topics in the Special Switching Issue and in IEEE Communications Magazine


We have organized tutorials on several current “hot topics” that include SDN, NFV, Design Patterns, and Object-Oriented Programming